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custom attributes in oracle apex

Hello Friends, Welcome to Javainhand.com Today I will describe you to custom attributes in oracle apex. This topic helps beginners to understand the use of the custom attributes. You can see custom attributes options in different page components section just like a button, region, item, etc.

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What are Custom Attributes in Oracle Apex?

Custom Attributes are used to give more meaning to HTML Tags. If you want to add some additional information in the HTML tag then we have to write in the custom attributes section. We can write custom attributes with name/values pair like name=" value".
There are different types of attributes just like width and height attributes, alt attributes, style attributes, read-only attributes.

Use of Custom Attributes in Oracle Apex with Example

Here I am creating a page item and I want to fix item height and width so here I am using style attributes e.g. style="width:10%; height:0px;".See the below screenshot for better understand.

Use of Custom Attributes in Oracle Apex with Another Example

Here I am creating another page item and I want to display page item in read-only mode then here I am using read-only attributes e.g. readonly="readonly".See the below screenshot for a better understanding.

That’s all it is not difficult to understand custom attributes basically if you know about the HTML Attributes.
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