PL/SQL Dynamic Content in Oracle APEX

Today I will describe the PL/SQL Dynamic Content in Oracle APEX.

PL/SQL Dynamic Content in Oracle APEX

What is PL/SQL Dynamic Content in Oracle APEX?

  • PL/SQL Dynamic Content is part of the region type in Oracle APEX.
  • PL/SQL Dynamic Content region helps to display any variables/page items value within the HTML tags using of PL/SQL web toolkit.
  • As we know that whenever any new designing comes to develop then we change our page templates but In some cases, we can not represent our data according to design, and that time, we have an option to use PL/SQL dynamic content region.
  • In the beginning, we are not familiar with page templates, At that time You can represent your data attractive using PL/SQL dynamic content.

How to Create PL/SQL Dynamic Content Region in Oracle APEX?

In this section, I will take a simple example to create a PL/SQL dynamic content region. In this example, we will display static marquee content with PL/SQL dynamic content region. If you want to learn to create a dynamic marquee region in oracle apex then click here. Please follow the steps listed below.

Step 1:- Go to your page where you want to create PL/SQL Dynamic Content Region. Now create a simple region then change region type and select PL/SQL Dynamic content.

Step 2:- Now you have to add below PL/SQL code in your region.

V_TEXT VARCHAR2(500):='This is a sample scrolling text that has scrolls texts to right';
HTP.P('<marquee width="100%" direction="right" height="100px">'||V_TEXT||'</marquee>');
As you have seen in the above code that we are storing marquee text into a variable and use within the HTML tag. You can match with the following screen also.

That's all for today, you can use all HTML tags in PL/SQL Dynamic Content Region. If you like this post then share your view in the comment box. Also, Share this post with your friends and also share in the oracle apex related group.

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  1. Hi Javainhand,
    many thank for your tutorial.
    How to use dynamic version (no hard value)
    on sql query
    WHERE MIMETYPE='image/jpeg'
    AND EMPNO=:P35_KEYVALUE -- instead of 8222
    Thanks in advance


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