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Welcome to Javainand, Today I will share the top 3 Oracle APEX chrome extensions. With the use of these extensions, you can able to perform fast application development. Also, all these Chrome extensions that help you for more efficient at work.

Most of the Oracle APEX developers will know about the given below chrome extensions. But still, new Oracle APEX developers do not know about these chrome extensions.
  1. APEX Page Designer Tab Lock
  2. Insum APEX Pro

Let’s start with the live problem scenario which we have faced at the time of Oracle APEX development.

Problem 1:-
Just suppose, we have a page where create almost 50+ page items and we have written a PL/SQL process. At that time what we do, every time we go to the page item copy that item name and then paste to the process. So, it takes too much time to write a process.

Problem 2:-
Just suppose, Sometimes we forget the function name and their's parameters at the time of writing a process. That time we take help from someone or do Google for it.

There are many problems which we faced at the time of development that’s why our productivity low and more time consuming so all these above Oracle APEX chrome extensions help you with fast development as well as fast productivity.
(If I forgot any chrome extensions which are useful for development then you can tell me in the comment section).

Let's Start

APEX Page Designer Tab Lock

APEX page designer tab lock is defined as their name because if you are using this extension you can lock your page designer tab.it is also used by more than 1000+ users. This extension has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

There are some more features for use.
  • Substitution Strings
  • Page Items & Editable Interactive Grid Columns (by Region)
  • Focus Dialog Bypass
Learn more about this extension click here:-

Download APEX Page Designer Tab Lock Chrome Extension click here:-

Insum APEX Pro

Basically, Insum APEX Pro is developed by Insum Labs. More than 1000+ users use this extension.  There are several features that help you to improve your application development speed. This extension has a rating of around 4.5 out of 5.

  • Oracle APEX Autocomplete PL/SQL editor
  • Highlight changed properties
  • Filter changed properties
  • Stay Focused on the same property when changing components
  • Improved all the select list
I have already make a video on that extensions click here:-

Learn more about this extension click here:-

Download Insum APEX Pro Chrome Extension click here:-


Smart4solution-apex plugin is developed by Smart4solutions. More than 250+ users use this extension. This extension has a good rating of around 3.7 out of 5.

There are many features for helps fast development
  • Convert/Transform text to lowercase or UPPERCASE 
  • JS Beautifier
Learn more about this extension click here:-

Download SMART4SOLUTIONS - APEX PLUGIN Chrome Extension click here:-

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