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What is Collapsible Template in Oracle APEX?

Collapsible is a template in Oracle APEX.You can make every region as a Collapsible.

The Collapsible Template is used to show and hide Region Which you have created on the page.Collapsible Template based region is handle your page screen with minimum scroll down.

For Example:-We have multiple region on one page and We don't need to display All region. In that case we can change our region template with collapsible. 

Suppose you want to show only one region data then other region will be collapse and user can easily view every region data one by one.

How to Use Collapsible Template in Oracle APEX?

Step 1 :- Go to your application page designer section and create any type of region.The screenshot below will help you out.

As you can see, I am creating static content type region.

Step 2:- Now you can find appearance section in the region property and Choose the Collapsible template.The screenshot below will help you out for better understanding.

That's all for today, I hope this post help you to understand the uses of Collapsible Template and how can you make any region to Collapsible Region.

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