How to Hide Success Message After Few Seconds in Oracle APEX - Javainhand Tutorial

In this Oracle APEX Tutorial, We will explore about the how to hide success message after few seconds in Oracle APEX.

I will share a simple way to auto-hide success message after few seconds in Oracle APEX.

Using fadeOut () jQuery method to hide success message.


How to Hide Success Message After Few Seconds in Oracle APEX

Let's take a scenario, in Oracle APEX write a simple process and call that process on the button press. after that pass a message which you want to display in a success message. The Below screenshot will help you out

In my case, I am creating a simple PL/SQL process with the null statement and write a success message in the success message box section.

After the submit button press the success message display but if you do not click on the cross(X) icon then it will not hide.

Now We use the fadeOut method for auto hide success messages after a few seconds in oracle apex.

Create a Page Load Dynamic Action and create a true action to execute JavaScript code and use the below JavaScript code.

setTimeout(function() {
}, 3000);

Above code and screenshot use for hiding the success message after 3 seconds. Note that the 3000 figure that we passed to fadeOut is 3 Seconds in Milliseconds i.e. if you want to hide for 5 seconds then, you can use 5000 instead of 3000.

That's all for today, I think(How to Hide Success Message After Few Seconds in Oracle APEX) post will helpful for you. If you like the post then share your view in the comment box.

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  1. Instead of adding this code to every page, is there a way to create this code at application level and then recall it only where we need?

  2. Hi there,

    i have a interactive report and when i click on pencil the model dialog form will opend.
    after apply change on form we got a success message and this hides after few sencond working fine.
    but when i reload the page then again the same succcess was showing how can i resolve?

  3. Hi There!! Does this work for the success messages that is auto generated when a row is inserted using a form or interactive grid?


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