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Oracle APEX Logo And Text

Welcome to Javainhand.com, Today I will describe to you display Oracle APEX Logo And Text. Older versions of Oracle APEX have only one choice option either display text or display logo but here I am sharing a simple method where you can display both logo and text.

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Display Together Oracle APEX Logo And Text

In this Oracle APEX Tutorial, I am using jquery and CSS method for display logo and text together in the oracle apex application. So if you have known to jquery then this post more interesting to you.

Basically, I am using the oracle apex 5.1 version for this implementation. if you are facing the same issue in your oracle apex application then this post really helpful for you.  

Please follow the steps listed below:-

Step 1:-First, you have to go to your application shared components section and click on the User Interface Attributes section. In this section, you will see a logo option where you have to select Text Logo and add below CSS code in the logo attributes section. You can match the following screen.

style="font-family: Arial; font-size:18px;
white-space: normal; font-weight: bold;
position: relative;  top: 4px; left: 6px;"

Oracle APEX Logo And Text

Step 2:-Now, You have to create a Global Page in your application or if in your application have already existed Global Page then go there and create page load dynamic action.you can match with the following screen also.

Identification:- Add Logo Image
Event:-Page Load
True Action:-Execute JavaScript Code
Code:-$('.t-Header-logo-link').prepend('<img id="theImg" src="#APP_IMAGES#Logo.png" />') // In SRC you have to pass your logo Image

Oracle APEX Logo And Text

Step 3:-Add on one more true action on existing page load dynamic action and add the following javascript code.you can match with the following screenshot.

$(".t-Header-logo-link img").css({"float": "left", "width": "50px", "height": "100px"});

Oracle APEX Logo And Text


That's all for today I think this oracle apex logo and text post will helpful for you and usual if you like this post then share your view in the comment box. Also, Share this post with your friends and also share in the oracle apex related group.

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  1. Thanks in advance, How can i save image into file server outside db server

    1. I have already uploaded a video on this topic. Click the below link for watch

  2. Thanks in advance, How can i save image into file server outside db server


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