What is PL/SQL?

In this PL/SQL Tutorial,We will explore about the what is PL/SQL in Oracle

What is PL/SQL?

  1. What is PL/SQL?


Before the start of PL/SQL Tutorial, You are aware of Oracle SQL then you can be start learning PL/SQL tutorial and if you have knowledge of other programming language then it is easier to understand.

Notes:-If you want to learn PL/SQL or SQL then Install Oracle Database to your local PC.

What is PL/SQL in Oracle?

The PL/SQL programming language was developed by Oracle Corporation in the late 1980s.

PL/SQL have power of SQL for combining the data manipulation and the processing power of procedural language.

We can says that PL/SQL is superset of SQL because PL/SQL fully supports SQL data manipulation commands and its data types.

  1. PL/SQL stands for "Procedural Language/Standard Query Language".
  2. PL/SQL is a procedural programming language.
  3. PL/SQL is a block-structured language.
  4. It is a very easy to understandable and readable language.
  5. PL/SQL is a portable language.
  6. In the PL/SQL program can have both SQL statements and Procedural Language.
  7. In PL/SQL, we can use set of command like (if statements, variable,exception handling etc). 
We have  learnt about the PL/SQL. Now one more question arise from here why we need PL/SQL? or why SQL does not enough.

Why we need PL/SQL or why SQL does not enough?

So I will explain this question with some points which clear all your doubt.
  1. As we know that we can not use loop statement or conditional statement in SQL.
  2. We can not handle system defined error in SQL.
  3. SQL does not support code reusability.
That's all for today, I think this Oracle PL/SQL Blog Post will help you to understand about the what is PL/SQL in Oracle. I request to all my readers if you like this blog or any feedback about the blog post then comment your valuable.

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