Unchecked Checkbox When Another Is Checked in Oracle APEX - Javainhand Tutorial

Hello All,In this Oracle APEX Tutorial, we are seeing how to unchecked checkbox when another is checked in Oracle APEX using javaScript.

Unchecked Checkbox When Another Is Checked in Oracle APEXLet's try the following steps to understand.

Step 1:- Create a checkbox group page item with any display values. Here i am display three checkboxes checkbox1, checkbox2 and checkbox3 and my return values is 1,2,3 respectively.You can see the below screenshot for the better understanding.

Step 2:- Copy below javaScript function and Paste it to the page function and global variable declaration.

function checkboxchecked(el) { var a = document.getElementsByName("P2_CHECK"); a.forEach(function(item){ if(item!=el) item.checked = false; }); }

Step 3:- Now call the function to item custom attributes section.


That's all for today, I think this unchecked checkbox when another Is checked in Oracle APEX post will helpful for you. If you like this post then share your valuable comment.

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