Advantages of PL/SQL

In this PL/SQL Tutorial, We will learn about the what is the advantages of PL/SQL in Oracle.

advantages of PL/SQL in Oracle

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Advantages of PL/SQL in Oracle

We are sharing some points with you for understanding about the Advantage of PL/SQL.
  1. Support for SQL
  2. Performance
  3. Productivity
  4. Portability
  5. High Security
  6. Support for object-oriented programming language.

Let's understand above points in details for the better understanding.

Support for SQL

As we know that PL/SQL is procedural language extension to SQL and PL/SQL is fully support all the functionality of SQL and data types.


PL/SQL reduce network traffic between database and application. For better understanding we will take a simple example.Just suppose you need to update some column in the table and just after insert some rows. By using SQL, You have to do two jobs or you have to write two SQL statements but if you are implementing same thing in the PL/SQL then write simple block or subprograms and then PL/SQL send full block of statement executes in a single time. It means we cannot send request every time.


PL/SQL allow you to write complex code for manipulating data. Just like another scripting language. If you have knowledge about the PL/SQL with one Oracle tool, you can transfer your knowledge to other Oracle tools. 

Just take a example, you can create a PL/SQL  Named block in Database and then you can use into the different Oracle Tools like Oracle APEX, Oracle Forms.


PL/SQL Code Easily run on any operating system that support oracle database. User does not need to change anything on their operating system.

High Security

When you are using PL/SQL with your application. You can protect the code from tampering and it’s allow you to hide code details and you can restrict who can access it. Just understand with Example: - For Example you have given a procedure to a user to update some data in table. They will change the table data and see the changes but cannot see the code.

Support for object-oriented programming language

In PL/SQL, object-oriented programming is based on object types. PL/SQL let you Designed real-world objects, separate interfaces and implementation details, and store object-oriented data persistently in the database.

By using PL/SQL you can follow object-oriented programming language rule that follow Modular, maintainable, and reusable.

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