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In this Oracle APEX Tutorial, We will explore about the Add Emojis in Oracle APEX.

Emojis in Oracle APEX

What is Emojis

In simple term, Emojis is digital icon which is used to express emotions. In the recent time, It is very useful while we are talking to someone.

How to Add Emojis in Oracle APEX Page Item

Let's start, Here I am sharing few steps which help to add emojis in Oracle APEX page item or text area type page item.

Step 1:- Create a simple page item using Optional-Floating template and add data-meteor-emoji="true" in the custom attributes section. See the below screenshot for the better understanding.

Step 2:- Add minified version of meteorEmoji.min.js in JavaScript URL section. Click here to downloadSee the below screenshot for the better understanding.

Step 3:- Now We have to initialize the emoji picker to execute the following JavaScript in the function and global variable declaration section.

(() => {
      new MeteorEmoji()

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Click here for demo


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