Disable Right Click and F12 Developer Tools Option in Oracle APEX

In this Oracle APEX Tutorial, We will explore the Disable Right Click and F12 Developer Tools in Oracle APEX.

You can try the following code to learn to disable right click and disable F12 Developer Tools in Oracle APEX using JavaScript.

If you want to disable the right click option and prevent the F12 option for the specific page then add the following code in page execute when page load section otherwise Create a page load dynamic action with execute javascript code true action.

//Disable F12
$(document).keydown(function (event) {
    if (event.keyCode == 123) { // Prevent F12
        return false;
    } else if (event.ctrlKey && event.shiftKey && event.keyCode == 73) { // Prevent Ctrl+Shift+I        
        return false;
//Disable right click
$(document).on("contextmenu", function (e) {        

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